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    Hello and welcome to the home of 'Mech & Magic'. This modpack goes back to the days of Minecraft 1.6.4. It can be loosley called a "kitchen sink" pack. This modpack resides on the ATLauncher. We have included what we beleive to be the best mods in the categories of: tech, magic, and utility. Their is no limit to what you can build. Mech & Magic thrives off the users imagination. The pack offers many ways of completing your goals in styles for any player. Wether you like to go slow and steady or rush for infinite resources, you'll find mods and methods that suit your preferance. Mech & Magic is regularly updated on a weekly or biweekly schedule or as needed if issues arise. Please post in #support in our Discord or post on Github for any issues you may have. Mech & Magic is developed and maintained by Y0ung_Sandwich and IRoomI.
  • Download and Install ATLauncher by clicking the logo below.

  • Run ATlauncher and click on the 'Packs' tab.
  • Enter Mech & Magic in the search bar. Click "New Instance".
  • Select version to Install and click "Install".
  • Choose optional mods you wish to install. Click "Install".
  • You can find your new M&M instance in the 'Instances' tab on the right hand side.
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