Welcome to Mech & Magic
Mech & Magic aims to provide you the player with the ultimate modded experience. M&M has been around for about 2 years now and consistently holds first place as the most popular Semi Public mod pack on the ATLauncher! All in thanks to you! This is a pretty hefty modpack so slower or older computers may not do well when running the pack. We have streamlined the mods, configs, and settings to give everyone the best experience overall. Some settings are lowered, feel free to up these. Our tweaking does not guarantee your PC will run the pack.
You may notice overlapping or redundant mods. This is intended. This pack is all about playing how you want to. We offer you many choices and methods of reaching your goals. You decide how you play. Min max and be cookie cutter or be unique and over complicate your builds just because you can! We hope you enjoy your time in the pack!
Official Server
In the Multiplayer tab you will find a preset Multiplayer Server. This is the official server of Mech & Magic. This server is ran and maintained by the author and is as close to the Single Player experience as possible. Some items, spells, dimensions, etc may be disabled due to griefing ot server instability. These are disabled for the good of the server as a whole. The official server will always match the most current published version of Mech & Magic. The server does include several plugins and grief prevention methods via Sponge Forge. More info will come soon on this.

Server Details
  • IP: mechandmagic.com:8182
  • Server location: US, East Coast, New Jersey
  • Server auto restarts every 4 hours
  • Server auto backups every 3 hours
  • FAQ